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My Summoner name is Riot Daedalus, and most of the time you can find me on EUNE since that's where my country, Hungary belongs to. I've been playing League since 2010, I main top, and in the 2015 preseason I finally made it to Gold. OK, I was two days late to the party for getting the fancy victorious skin and stuff, but the point is that I'm finally there! After the reset I'm back in Silver though, so the goal for this season now is to get back to Gold again – but now, in time!

In 2010, during a late, cold Christmas eve after everyone had gone to sleep, I was looking for something new to play. Having played a lot of DotA with my brother back then I was very excited to find a game that was somewhat similar, but had proper matchmaking and more importantly for us, a 3v3 map! This meant we could just join in, and even if the 3rd guy on our team wasn't a world beating uber star, we had a good chance of battling out the victory. Back then I played an extreme amount of Riven, Mundo and Mordekaiser, and didn't even play much on the Rift before joining Riot Games in 2012.

After I joined Riot, I had to get up to speed with the Rift very soon, although it wasn't easy. The early game was usually fine. I was a solo laner on the Treeline anyway, while in the Rift I was going top or mid as often as I could, so not much difference there – but when the teamfights, objectives, movements and big, tactical decisions kicked in, I frankly had no idea. This started changing ever so slowly, and in the 2013 season I started playing some rankeds, grabbing the silver medal, probably with pretty terrible play. In 2014 I tried to play more rankeds, heartbrokenly swapped Riven for Darius, and finally made it to Gold two days after the grand finale of the season. I'm even buying a couple of wards now, so bring on 2015! And hopefully bring back Riven. Well, hopefully.

I'm very happy to play with anyone who's up for a game and accept friend requests, but I'm pretty sure that most of the time I seem to be weird and just not accepting any reqs. This is because the friendlist is limited to 325 people. I try and clean the inactive players off my friendslist from time to time, so it's worth keep trying to add me – I'm definitely up for playing a couple of games or just having a quick chat!

See you guys on the fields of justice!