PlayIT 2015 is fast approaching

The biggest gaming convention of Hungary, PlayIT Budapest is happening on 28 and 29 November, next Saturday and Sunday! Tens of thousands of visitors are expected yet again, and of course you can meet us and League of Legends among the 157 stages, 270 lectures, 820 gaming stations, esports, youtubers, competitions, cosplay and discounts. Moreover, you can grab a two day pass if you play a match with us tonight!

Let's see what League-related things you can find at the event!

First of all, this year, the international finals of the ESL South East European Championship will be held at PlayIT. Hundreds of international teams signed up for the tournament, and we can meet two Greek (Void Gaming, Different Dimension) and two Hungarian teams (Wonder Stag, Pusztító 5) in the offline finals. The games will be played from 9:00 till 20:00 on Sunday at the ESL Stage. Let's root for the best teams in the region live!

To make sure we have competitive League of Legends on Saturday too, the best Hungarian teams will battle it out for the PlayIT cup on the Hungarian Esports Stage. There are a couple of huge matchups here too, so if you are interested in competitive gaming, make sure you pay a visit to the Esports Stage on Saturday!

If you'd like to give a go in a match yourself after seeing all those pro games, head to the Face 2 Face stage, where thanks to the Monster & ROCK eSports guys you can join a friend and fight for all kinds of prizes in a couple of fun 2v2 matches. Warm yourselves up: it's going to be pretty cold at the Howling Abyss, plus the more a pair wins, the bigger prizes they will get!

Of course we will be there at the event with Riot Games, and you can also meet famous people from the community, shoutcasters, cosplayers, and a win lot of random goodies. If you don't have a ticket yet but you'd like to come, check out the Twitch Channel of Riot Games Hungary on 23 November at 18:00, where you can grab two day passes for the event by playing a match against us. If you read this article all the way until here, we can surely say that you deserve the chance!

See you on 28-29 November at Hungexpo, and in front of the the stream tonight!

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