Introducing Reverse Records

I'm excited to announce that we're launching a Dublin-based record label startup called Reverse Records! We are looking to change the future of music publishing by utilizing a strategy and various tactics that video games have been applying successfully during the last decade.

While I was interviewing with Riot, I got asked why was I interested about working there. I remember saying "because this is the most rock n roll thing after actual rock n roll." Before moving to Dublin, my life was pretty much all about music: I was the Central European Assistant Manager of the Emergenza band contest, had a leading role in the biggest music theatre of Hungary and I was also singing the modern rock band Just Another. And now, after spending more than 8 years in various leading roles video game publishing and having travelled all over the globe, I'm super excited to circle back to music to combine the best of both worlds. Throughout my video game years I learnt about a ton of great strategies and tactics in video game publishing that the music industry is not using at all yet – this might be one of the reasons for why games are so successful while music publishing seems to have lost its footing somewhat recently.

With Reverse Records we aim to work as a video game publisher, but we'll publish music. I'm truly excited about the prospect. There are also a number of legendary people on the Reverse Records team who I'm honoured to work together with, but I can't talk about their identities yet – they still have active contracts elsewhere in the games industry. All in all, the future is definitely bright and exciting: go to to learn more about us!

Join us as we set out to change the future of music publishing!

Frequenty Asked Questions

This looks awesome, any way I can get involved?
Definitely! First of all, if you have 10 minutes, please fill in this survey about your own music habits and if you can, please tell your friends about it too. By doing so, you can win a legendary pair of headphones, and your answers will help us underline our vision and refine our plans as well. Otherwise, check out our website at, follow us on socials and sign up for our mailing list so we can keep you in the loop about what's happening in our world. Finally, feel free to reach out to us any time if you want to chat!

Will you continue your work with Esport Universum?
Yes, those guys are awesome and I'll continue to stay with them as Head of Strategy besides my work at Reverse Records. I am fortunate to be part of such a great team and aim to keep working with them on many more exciting video game publishing projects. If you haven't done so, check us out at!

Is Just Another going to be the first music act of Reverse Records?
No, it's going to be something else. I case you didn't know, Just Another is a Budapest-based modern rock band I'm the singer of – check us out at, you can download all our songs for free. It's some pretty cool music if you ask me!

Is Just Another going to release music with Reverse Records in the future?
Potentially! We haven't talked about it within the band in detail yet but the guys are generally interested. We'll definitely discuss this when we get to release new music in the future and we'll see what the guys think. And yeah, this means we are going to release new music!

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