Fill in our music survey!

A couple of my friends and I are building a music startup – if you have some time, help us out by filling in this survey! It takes around 10 minutes and you can get to it by clicking on the yellow picture below. What is this exactly though?

The survey starts in a new window if you click above

As I previously mentioned, and most probably, if we met recently, I surely told you that I have been having this idea of building a music startup. Being in videogame publishing for the last 10+ years the different strategies and tactics the videogame industry uses have been my home ground, and I believe that music could use a lot of that mindset and customer-focused attitude that make games great. Step minus one of this idea starts here, with the survey above. The goal of the survey is putting a couple of numbers and external opinions next to our ideas and dreams, so if you have ten free minutes and fill it in, you really do help a lot. Thanks a lot in advance!

When the project actually kicks off, to say thanks, we will display the names of participants on the startup's website in a thank you article, for people who have been with us from even before the very beginning. Of course if you prefer your real name not to show up, you can give us a nickname or simply leave the field blank.

Even though this is a fairly old dream, the project has been slowly building up in the background in the last couple of years. Apart from the survey, we've been having chats with a number of talented friends about joining, and the Irish state has also been great about helping us set up.

I'm sure we will need a couple of months before we start, and as soon as we have anything tangible, I'll post here. Alternatively, you can sign up to our newsletter when filling in the survey. Until then, a million thanks to you if you help and fill in the survey!

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