Just Another show on Thursday!

After more than a year of absence, on Thursday 26 November we are back on stage with our modern rock band in the heart of Budapest. We honestly can’t wait to play together again – come and check us out if you are around!

We are definitely going to play a couple of these

It’s been more than a year since we were able to put together a show with our Hungarian modern rock band, Just Another: it’s not the easiest thing to try and organize our lives, the rehearsals and everything when the singer’s home is 2000 kilometres away from the other members of the band. This time though the stars aligned, the slot fits the guys and I am heading to Budapest for PlayIT anyway, so we decided to go ahead and give the gig a shot!

The guys have been rehearsing for a couple of weeks now without me, while I’ll be joining them for one last rehearsal on Wednesday evening before the show on Thursday (I am actually writing this article on the plane now, on the way to Budapest). I can’t promise we’ll be in our best and tightest form after not having played for more than a year, but we will be full of energy and excitement to be finally back and have a gig for sure!

The show will happen at a small venue in the heart of Budapest called Alcatraz, and the night will feature two other bands, our good friends Pygmalion and a band all the way from another city, Pécs, called All Inclusive Delicates. Doors open at 6, first band starts at 7, tickets on the door are 800 HUF (yeah, 2,80 EUR – welcome to Hungary, it's great!). The good old Facebook event of the gig is found here.

Come down if you are around, it will be worth it; we are super excited for sure!

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