Just Another is on Spotify!

We got an online publishing deal with Just Another, so now you can listen to us wherever you go on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, and so on. Do a quick search for us and give us a listen!

Now you can listen to Still Here elsewhere too!

Our debut album, Polarities came out in 2012, followed by a single at the end of 2013, called Still Here. Although there are 2000 kms between the guys and me, we are trying to do a couple of things. One of those was securing an online publishing deal, which means that now anyone can listen to us on their favourite music streaming service. Was probably about time now, but yeah baby!

We also did a mini game on our Facebook page, where our fans could share the good news and could win Polarities in its physical form or a t-shirt. It was pretty successful with 49 people around the world sharing our things reaching almost 10,000 people – we were honestly really stoked about how it worked out.

Do a search for us on Spotify / Deezer / iTunes / wherever, and give us a listen! Also if you missed out on our mini game, but would like to know more about stuff like this in the future, go like us on Facebook!

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