A new adventure awaits

I'm excited to announce I'm joining the Budapest-based videogame and esports publishing agency, Esport Universum as Strategic Advisor. Here to doing a load of cool stuff for local players in CEE!

I have always been committed to creating great local videogame experiences to all players around the globe. Even though understandably gamers in Central and Eastern Europe get somewhat less attention due to the language barrier and various economic reasons, coming from Hungary I have a particular fondness towards this region and I'm always extra happy to see them getting some love.

Both Esport Universum and myself have the vision of making local players feel as if videogames were made specifically for them through localisation, events, tournaments and other publishing initiatives, and for that reason I am already incredibly excited to join the team. Also, ESU already has a bunch of super talented and awesome people on board, and I am really looking forward to get to know them more. Finally, making sure the company is in a good shape on a high strategic level is going to be a great challenge, which I am very much looking forward to as Strategic Advisor.

Although the majority of the team is based in Budapest, for the foreseeable future I am staying in Dublin, working remotely with the guys and flying around Europe.

I'm really looking forward to see what esports and videogames projects we will come up with for the local players. Let's do this!

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