Hello there! This is the very first post on this site, hopefully with a lot more to follow. For now, I'll kick this off by laying down my goals with this project, telling you why it even exists, and how the idea of building my own personal space came up. Thanks for checking in and welcome to the site!

Time to start this!

First things first, my idea with this project is pretty simple: to show you what I'm doing. I feel that I'm fortunate enough to be part of a lot of interesting, cool, sometimes even crazy stuff, and I would like to take anyone that is interested on a ride behind the virtual scenes and show what I'm up to, and moreover, how I am up to those things. I'm planning to use this as my own creative space, and will ruthlessly fill it up with unfinished things I work on, opinions and ideas I have, and probably things I just simply find interesting as well. I'm definitely going to write about how I see League of Legends and Riot from the inside and what vision I have for my job, but I'm also planning to put a bunch of other stuff out here, like my music, some of my web projects, tools and tricks I find useful, stories and whatnot. All in all, if you're interested in my things, you're super welcome and I'm happy to have you here!

Who am I making this for? When defining the target group, "anyone that is interested" is a pretty damn broad term, but in fact, that's how it really is. I'm happy to write to computer gaming or music business professionals, who deal with the same things as I do – probably some of the stories will be familiar to them; I'm glad to see those who come from different fields, but have some experience about the things I'm writing about; and, of course, I'm writing to those who are not dealing with any of these things professionally as well, but are simply interested in the world of League of Legends or anything else I work on. This means that the tone of the site might be a bit of a problem, as if I could, I would write to all these groups in a slightly different manner. Since I don't have the capacity to do that (it would mean an absolutely small amount of content), I'll try to hit the middle way with the tone, and sorry in advance if anything on the site came off too dry and professional, or on the other hand, too friendly or even immature.

My idea with this project is pretty simple: to show you what I'm doing.

Le me, just to try and test blockquotes :)

There are already a number of categories on the site, but I'll have to see which ones will actually end up being used; so far I was shooting in the dark without actually writing anything. So far I've got audio, publishing, web, localisation, general tech, computer games, tools and misc nailed down, and those things will feature on the main page. Maybe I'll need to add some more or remove some of these categories in the future, but I think that's actually a good thing: it should be an agile-creative-always-evolving-thing after all. I also prepped a blog for personal stuff up there in the menu, but I won't feature those entries on the main page of the site – if you are interested, you can check them out as well, but I don't want to push those into anyone's virtual face. My focus is really going to be a behind the scenes take on different projects, ideas and things I'm doing. All in all, this is my world, and hopefully you'll find it interesting!

As you may have noticed, on every page on the right there is a globe, and clicking it you can select between browsing the site in English or Hungarian. My plan is to write most of the stuff in both languages, and while I'm sure that everything will be fully relevant in both languages, I'll try my best to have as much conduit between the English and Hungarian content as possible. This means that new content won't be flowing in wild whacky action bike amounts for sure, but even when showing you WIP stuff, I would like to make sure that it's presented in a quality way – hopefully using and proofreading in two languages will help me achieving just that. So far I've written the static content in English, translated everyhing back to Hungarian and then went back to English based on that, but I actually wonder what approach will turn out to be the best in the long run. The beauty here is that honestly I don't know yet.

Also, building this site has been a very nice piece of technical experience for me. I have been out of web practically since I joined Riot in 2012, and it was quite interesting to see how much it has changed in the last 2.5 years. Just to give you one example, if you're building your site nowadays, you have to pay attention and make sure that your site is responsive, and reads nicely not only on a monitor, but on tablets and all kinds of smartphones as well. Because of this and a number of other small hacks, so far I have already made 997 lines of small css modifications for the site – talking about easing yourself back to web, huh?

One last thing before I call it a day. Please make sure to take all the opinions, ideas, and everything else on here as coming from me personally, and never ever interpret them as coming from Riot, Just Another, or anyone else really. For further details I've put up a disclaimer about this here.

That's it for now; it's interesting that the site is technically ready, but it's now that the whole story starts. After all this theory and talking the talk it's time to walk the walk, do things and create some actual content. Thanks for checking in again and have a good time browsing the site!

Disclaimer: the articles on this website solely represent my personal views, opinion, ideas, etc., and although they might be similar in nature, concept or vision, they do not, under any circumstances represent the views or opinion of Riot Games, Just Another, Managerzone, or any other person, firm, or entity. Click here for more info.