About me

George Roth

Hi, I'm George Roth, an entrepreneur, publishing expert and musician.
Welcome to my site!
I have 10+ years experience with some of the leading gaming and music brands in the world. I've been fortunate enough to work on a number of pretty great projects, and I'm publishing my experiences on this site. Buckle up and join me on the adventure!


I was born in a small Hungarian town called Sopron, and currently I'm living in Dublin, Ireland. I have attended university in Budapest, and worked in numerous countries and cities around the world from Prague to Dubai.

Work and Education

So far I've mostly worked in IT and the music business – and that's the case at the moment too with working at Reverse Records, Esport Universum and singing in the rock band Just Another. The biggest feat of my life so far has been leading the Eastern European expansion of Riot Games for League of Legends, the most-played PC game in the world.

  1. Reverse RecordsChief Executive
    September 2020 to present
  2. Esport UniversumHead of Strategy
    Jan 2018 to present
  3. Just AnotherSinger and Songwriter
    Jan 2009 to present
  4. Riot GamesEU Senior Publishing Specialist
    Aug 2012 to Nov 2017
  5. ManagerzoneHungarian Localisation and Community Specialist · Oct 2009 to Jun 2011
  6. GHR ProductionsWeb Designer and Brand Developer
    Jul 2008 to Aug 2012
  7. Emergenza FestivalCentral European Assistant Manager
    Dec 2006 to Jul 2009
  8. ELTE Budapest UniveristyEnglish and Media Studies
    Sep 2007 to Jun 2012

Core values

These are the values I find important and try to live up to every day both in my personal and professional life.


Creative vision

My goal in life is to create cool stuff for people to enjoy. Nothing is better than coming up with ideas for projects and create awesome, positive things with a couple of guys or teams, while overseeing the creative vision and execution of them as well. The idea is making sure that the finished product has a specific creative direction, but more importantly, is something that's truly awesome. This is true not only when doing music or code, but any professional work as well.


Technical details

The devil is totally in the details. If you want to fully understand the big picture, you have to be technically super cautious and making sure all the fine parts are well polished and tick, even if it sometimes requires a ton of grinding and extra work. This is why I'm trying to learn, wear as many hats and experience as many things as possible.


Social aspect

The point of all this for me is making a change for people. No matter what you do, it's always the people that make any project unforgettable and worth working on – at the end of the day we do them for people, with people. That is why being cool, nice and honest with each other is extremely important, even if it requires a great deal of effort sometimes.

Congratulations for making it through all this! If you feel you still haven't had enough, the website itself starts here.